Best One Thing

A technical founder's survival guide by Levi Nunnink

Maybe you’ve been a developer / designer for a while but you want a bigger opportunity: you’ve been incubating some smart ideas, saving your money, and you’re ready. You’re going to be founder or co-founder of a brand new company. A startup. You even have some investors interested. It’s a big responsibility and you’re not sure what to expect. Now picture us getting a beer together. I’m a shy guy with a bad haircut who talks too fast when he’s nervous but I have been in this position twice over the last ten years. Here’s what I’d tell you over a pint of Guinness.

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Levi Nunnink is the co-founder of Droplr & Riskalyze. He currently lives in Northern California with his wife and six kids. You can find him on Medium among other places.